New Toy!

Monay, I mean Monday...

I've been waiting very patiently...as have you, and it's finally here!  My newest kitchen toy.  I know, I know, it's silly for me to get so excited about kitchen appliances...or is it.  Y'all, kitchen appliances are to me as shoes are to other women.  I have one for every occasion.  Well, here's the latest to add to my collection:
Meet Chomper, the grain mill.  Since I've started milling rice flour for cooking, I thought it would be a good investment.  Especially since I recently burned out that old, crappy blender I hated, may he ever rest in peace.

Well, I don't actually have any rice to mill right now, but I've got some corn (I really want to make some corn cakes!), so what better thing to start with.

The instructions said to start on the finest grind, so I did.  The instructions also said that I wouldn't get as fine a grind as the commercially milled stuff, so I wasn't too surprised when the corn came out as a chunky meal.  You know what creative people call that?  Rustic. :-)

Here's the finished product.  I'm very excited about using my new cornmeal.  I also tried running it though again (using the still-good blender carafe to catch the meal this second time around), but it didn't really make a difference.

So excited about my new toy!  Now I just have to decide on whether or not to start buying rice in big bags for my rice flour.

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